The Mad Adventures of Baron Von Munchhausen!

The show opened in September 2009 at the Contemporary Theatre Festival, in Oslo.

It has been a huge success, and since the opening it has been performed over 200 times. It has been on an extensive tour in Norway, and has visited Sweden, Iran and China.

vimeoBaron Von Munchhausen is a great storyteller and adventurer. He´s also a bit of a braggart. Among his feats are pulling himself up from a swamp by his own hair, chasing off 400 hungry wolves, and escaping war by jumping onto a flying cannonball!


The Baron’s burlesque boasts and bravado are virtually custom-made for
Teater Joker´s universe, which is centred around playful humans and children’s imagination.
On a limited barren stage the company uses its signature form, cartoon mime , to unfold the Baron´s adventures, using only their bodies and voices.
The Baron travels to the moon, Russia, Turkey, and always by incredible means.
Join us on a fantastic journey into the magical world of the Baron.

By the way, Baron von Munchhausen really existed. He was a German aristocrat and teller of anecdotes, and his incredible tales are among the great literary classics.

Suitable for children from 8 years, and playful adults.


«With their bodies the actors constantly makes new characters and scenes.

It’s all done so precisely that it’s easy to follow, and with an enthusiasm in the

acting that makes it very funny!» Andreas Wiese, Dagbladet


«A playful, funny and abundant performance, and a feast for the eye!»

Ida Lou Larsen, Klassekampen.

Baron Von Munchhausens Sannheter!

The ensemble:

Director : Niels Peter Underland

Actors : Haakon Strøm, Marte Mørland, Mats Eldøen, Stig

Zeiner-Gundersen, Kari Ramnefjell

Composers: Geirmund Simonsen and Raymond Enoksen

Costume designer : Christina Lovery

Puppet-maker: Kamil Belohlavek

Producer : Kari Ramnefjell

Photographer: Mads Nygård


The production is funded by

Arts Council Norway, Fund for Performing Artists, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, SEANSE, Norwegian Actors´ Equity Association