Teater Joker is a Norwegian theatre company that has been creating theatre performances
for children and teenagers for over 25 years.

The company is especially known for its signature form, cartoon mime.
This is a very expressive form using only the actors´ bodies and voices, with a strong element of techniques used in film.
Teater Joker offers the award winning BRUNE , The Mad Adventures of Baron Von Munchhausen and Peer!, a coproduction with the National Theatre of Norway.

All of Teater Joker´s shows have toured extensively in Norway, and have been invited to international festivals. Our productions can be performed in English.

Teater Joker has, as its overall goal, to create new performing arts, often in cooperation with the playwright in the development of the play.

At the centre of Teater Joker’s work process is the creating artist, something which is also distinct for our performances. All our shows are made in close cooperation between director and actors.

We explore stage expressions which are easy to tour with, without compromising artistic qualities.

The company was founded by director and actor Niels Peter Underland, and is now run together with producer and actress Guri Glans, producer and actress Kari Ramnefjell, and actor Haakon Strøm.

For more information contact Kari Ramnefjell , General Manager.

Email : kari@teaterjoker.no

Tel (+47) 92 43 43 98